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As part of my new initiative to encourage greater cooperation among anthropology bloggers on tenure, promotion, and gaining employment, I have suggested that we write ‘endorsements’ of each other that might be used as testimony to the value of our online writing. Although so much of the most vital writing and debate in our field is happening on the Internet, these venues are notoriously hard to quantify or evaluate. I think we should help each other.

Please contact me if you would like help in assembling a case for the importance of your online anthropology writing. I may visit your site and do a ‘drive by’ endorsement, just to provoke.

And please feel free here to help me out. If you like my online writing or have found it helpful, please feel free to post a comment — a few sentences, especially with something concrete that I can use for my promotion application in 2012, would be great. I promise to share the example of my own application and to report on the effect.

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  1. [...] on my writing, greatfully feel giveaway here.  Or ramble over to my little-used personal site, to a page I’ve put adult generally for this purpose. And don’t be fearful to ask me to come revisit your site and do a [...]

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